Travel Grant

Edmonton’s artists, arts administrators and arts educators benefit from sharing knowledge and product with the rest of the world. When those individuals return to Edmonton they bring with them increased capabilities and connections which benefit the city as a whole. Traveling to perform, research, attend conferences and exhibitions offers those individuals professional and creative opportunities that do not exist locally, and yet are vital to the continued advancement and growth of Edmonton’s arts community.

Deadline: June 1

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Artist Project Grant – between $5,001 and $25,000

Individual artists and their work are the foundation of our arts community. Working alone or in groups they pursue projects that develop their practice, advance creative thought, contribute to an art form and provide our community with a reflection of itself. Those projects are the research and development activity of the creative sector, feeding the greater arts ecosystem locally and for export.

Artist Project Grants are intended to invest in the specific projects of individual artists and artist collectives as they pursue their artistic and professional advancement.

Deadline: June 15

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