Artwork by Samantha McLeod

Artwork by Samantha McLeod

CARFAC National

has  a Tools for Visual Artists section to their website where you will find necessary information. Some resources available through CARFAC National are free to everyone and for other tools, you will need to email them and provide your CARFAC Alberta membership information.

Artist Royalties and Fees Guidelines

How much should you be paid when your work is exhibited, used in catalogues, etc? CARFAC has guidelines.

Copyright for Visual Artists

Basic information about copyright for visual artists is available for everyone.
A more detailed toolkit about recent changes and how to protect your work is only for members – email us to ask for a copy.

CARFAC Alberta

shares Tools for Visual Artists from CARFAC National and CARFAC Affiliates from all regions of Canada. We are Artists working for Artists for over 54 years…

 Best Practices for Craft, Media and Visual Artists in Alberta

Published in 2020, these seven documents for Alberta Craft, Media and Visual Artists are professional guidelines for interactions between artists and those individuals and organizations that work with them in a wide range of capacities.

If you are a member of CARFAC Alberta, you can access all of CARFAC’s Advisory Notes by emailing Our Program Coordinator will forward you any advisory notes you wish as pdf documents. Available Notes are as follows:


  1. Artist/ Dealer Checklist
  2. Artist/Exhibition Checklist
  3. Artist/Murals Checklist
  4. Artist/Public Gallery Agreement
  5. Business Entities for Artists
  6. Copyright and Commissioned Works
  7. Copyright for Visual Artists
  8. Exhibiting/selling works Outside Canada
  9. GST and Artists: A Summary of the Guide on Art and Entertainment
  10. Guidelines for Organizing Art Commission Competitions
  11. Guidelines for Professional Standards in the Organization of Fund Raising Events
  12. Guidelines for Professional Standards in the Organization of Juried Exhibitions
  13. Insuring Your Artwork
  14. Loan Agreement for Purpose of Sale/ Art on the Menu
  15. Marketing for Visual Artists
  16. Model Releases
  17. Notes on Art in Public Places
  18. Original Prints
  19. Preparing Your Tax Returns
  20. Sample Artist/Mural Contract -Notes
  21. Trademarks and Tradenames
  22. Using Photographic Images as Source Material
  23. Warehouse Studio Health and Safety
  24. When is a Photocopy an Original Print?
  25. Writing for Visual Artists
  26. Artist Groups
  27. Health Hazards/ Safety Tips for Artists
  28. Studio Health and Safety Checklist
  29. Exporting by Individual Visual Artists
  30. Hidden Dangers in the Sales of Artwork
  31. Retransmission Rights
  32. Negotiation Tools for Visual Artists
  33. Canadian Gallery Guide for Artists

Clearly membership in CARFAC has benefits… Join your affiliate in Alberta today.