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CARCC offers copyright licensing services for visual and media artists.
A collective serving artists

Founded in 1990 by CARFAC, Canadian Artists Representation / le Front des artistes canadiens, CARCC is owned by CARFAC and managed by the artists who serve on the executive committees of both CARCC and CARFAC. CARCC is Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc.

CARCC’s mission is to improve and protect its affiliates’ incomes through the licences it issues on their behalf. Licences are contracts granting permissions for uses of an artist’s works – these might include exhibitions, reproductions, broadcast, internet uses. The uses are defined and limited as to, for example, duration or number of copies. The amount and terms of payment for the uses are also established. Any negotiation necessarily includes the artist/affiliate, and CARCC will stand behind the licences it issues.

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