When Chris W. Carson, Executive Director of Visual Arts Alberta Association, sent out the request for guest bloggers for the VAAA site I thought what a great idea and what a perfect platform to build a community of like minded individuals.

That’s really what blogging is all about and is what I will talk about amoung other web related things. I am going to provide VAAA readers with the tools they need to build a strong online presence. Blogging is part of that but by no means is it the “be all” or the “end all” of a web existence.

The following four articles will focus on:

Look for me under Professional Development
First article “Blog Vs Website”.

Who is Artbiz?
First and foremost Kim Bruce is a visual artist. But she also runs Artbiz: the business of art where she creates WordPress websites for artists. Kim works out of her office/studio located in the foothills of Alberta just outside of Calgary.

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