CCVOCalgary Arts Development is pleased to share the following announcement on behalf of the Calgary Chamber of Volunteer Organizations (CCVO).
CCVO is excited to launch, a comprehensive (and growing!) online resource that will help your nonprofit or charity develop and implement an emergency preparedness plan.
The site puts resources and templates at your fingertips, making it easy to ensure your organization is ready for any emergency.
About Emergency Preparedness Initiative of Calgary (EPIC) The floods of 2013 forced close to 80,000 Calgarians from their homes and affected 4,000 business and nonprofit organizations. In the weeks and months after the flood, CCVO, The City of Calgary and other groups reached out to nonprofits to capture lessons learned and assess how we can better prepare for a future emergency.
EPIC was born out of this effort. The agencies supporting this initiative are:

Visit for more details.