Serving Visual Artists in Alberta


  • $20.22 Donation

    Make a donation to CARFAC Alberta in March 2022 to help us help you thrive as a visual artist. If you did not suffer financially from COVID, or if you prospered financially during COVID, think about making a donation today. As it is 2022, consider a donation of $20.22, $202.00, or $2022.00 or any amount in between.  Donations can be made here. You can donate more than $20.22 by clicking the + sign below.

    While we cannot offer tax receipts, we appreciate and will acknowledge all donations. Your support is crucial in our continued work to fight for artists’ rights! Your support is crucial in our continued work to advance and advocate on behalf of all of Alberta's visual artists.

    If you would like to donate by cheque, please send your gift to CARFAC Alberta (write the cheque to Visual Arts Alberta Association), 3rd floor, 10215 112 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 1T8.