Zoom Engagement Session
Saturday, April 24th, from 1–2:30pm MDT


Art Chat: A Meeting of Artists’ Minds

with artists Verna Vogel, CARFAC Alberta Board member, and Sharon Moore-Foster, Program + Development Coordinator.

Join Verna and Sharon for an informal conversation…let’s discuss who we are, share what we are working on, and talk art during life transitions and challenging times.

“Every artist joins a conversation that’s been going on for generations, even millennia, before he or she joins the scene.”  ― John Barth

RSVP to sharon@carfacalberta.com by 11am on Saturday, April 24. Open to all.

(If you’re not familiar with Zoom, this link gives a good overview. You can access the meeting through your browser just by clicking on the given link, or if you prefer, the free app is safe to download and use.