CARFAC Saskatchewan / CARFAC Alberta Wednesday Webinar
What is Copyright and Why is it Important? with Grant McConnell

Wednesday April 13th 6:30pm – 8:00pm CST/MDT

Hosted and moderated by Chris W. Carson (Executive Director, CARFAC Alberta) + Wendy Nelson (Executive Director, CARFAC Saskatchewan)

Grant McConnell will discuss why copyright continues to be so important for artists, and how it has evolved in recent years.  Starting with an overview of how the sharing of content impacts us, we’ll move on to discuss the things we can do to navigate problems and possibilities associated with public and digital reproduction.

Grant McConnell is a past National Spokesperson of CARFAC and board member of ACCESS Copyright. He is an artist/educator based in Saskatoon.

In this ninety-minute session, there will be time for your questions after Grant McConnell’s examination of the implications of Copyright for Visual Artists. Join us on Wednesday April 13. Register on Eventbrite. Free for all CARFAC members across Canada. 425.00 for non-members.