By joining CARCC you can take advantage of a new service offered by
Access Copyright (open to CARCC members that will receive copyright payments from Access Copyright) called a©eCreator (see below)… 

splashtitleCARCC stands for Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc.  CARCC was established in 1990 by CARFAC,Canadian Artists’ Representation / Le Front des artistes canadiens, a professional association that works for visual artists.  CARCC was founded to put into practice the principles concerning artists’ copyrights for which CARFAC continues to advocate – the professional practice of using written agreements (licences) and the payment of appropriate fees for the use of copyright.  To find out more about joining CARCC: click here

CARFAC is the member organization but CARCC works with Access Copyright through agreement. Access Copyright is launching a new service for the writer/artist community and we want you to be among the first to see it.

a©eCreator is a cloud-based service developed to help you during and after your content creation process by providing an easy way to send, track, monitor, locate, and backup your work. And the best part: a©eCreator is a complimentary service and one of the many benefits to being an Access Copyright affiliate.

a©eCreator offers: Access to files any time, anywhere using only a browser; Secure file backup on multiple servers; Auto generated record of where, how,  and when files were sent; Unlimited data storage and Ability to share large files with others (e.g. publisher, literary agents)