Please refer to the Information page to learn about Stride’s mandate, and the programming criteria for each of our three exhibition spaces.  Eligibility is limited to mid-career and established artists in the Main Space, and to emerging and aspiring artists (including students) in our +15 window space.  Artists in any stage of their career (emerging through established) may apply for exhibitions in our Project Room, provided their proposal is in accord with the stated mandate for this space.

The Board of Directors meets three times per year to review submissions and make programming decisions.  Stride’s board members are all mid-career, professional, practicing artists and arts workers active in the local, regional and national contemporary art communities.  Most of our exhibitions are programmed from submissions, but from time to time artists may be approached for a studio visit, and the board of directors may solicit an exhibition as a result of this visit.  Stride does not schedule exhibitions more than one year in advance, ensuring that our programming remains flexible and responsive.  

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Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat, 11am to 5pm
Admission is free and all are welcome
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