Duration: 1 week to 1 month, March 12 to December 31
Disciplines: Literature, performing arts, visual arts
Target Group: International

Arte Studio Ginestrelle aims to: promote contemporary art in all of its artistic forms; stimulate creativity through direct contact with nature and respect for the environment; favour a moment of interchange of ideas on contemporary art; set up artistic workshops, exhibitions, and open-air art along the paths of Ginestrelle, in the Regional Park of Mount Subasio.
During the stay each artist will be able to develop his/her project-work in the various artistic fields: visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, installation art, land art, sculpture); literary arts (fiction, poetry, script writing), performing arts (dancing, music, drama).

All creative work can be done both inside, in the common studio and/or in the common work hall, and outside, in two refurbished barns re-adapted as laboratories and in the local surroundings.
A personal exhibition will be organized at the end of the residency at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle. A final collective exhibition of all the works will be presented in Assisi at the art Gallery “Galleria Le Logge” from November 25 to December 2.


Santa Maria di Lignano 11, 06081 Assisi Italy
Telephone +39 075 802336 | E-mail