May 15 (Residency of the Americas),
June 1 (International Residency),
November 30 (France-Québec Exchange Residency),
May 18 (New South Wales Visual Artist Residency:

Disciplines: Dance, drawing & painting, media art, multi-media, music, photography, sculpture

QUARTIER ÉPHÉMÈRE’s mission is to support the creation, production, and dissemination of visual art; it seeks at once to question the role of art and artists in the heart of the city, and to promote that role. By investing in ‘in situ’ projects within vacant or abandoned industrial buildings, QE attempts to explore our urban zones and to reach a diverse public. Quartier Ephémère runs an International Residency Programme, a France-Québec Exchange Programme and a new residency programme for curators of the Americas. The Canada Council for the Arts is offering an international residency program at the Darling Foundry for foreign professional visual artists from outside of Canada. Two artists are awarded four-month residencies. Each resident receives a grant, which contributes towards living expenses, travel fees and production costs.

  • Paid by host: Allowance for travel costs (maximum of $2,000 CDN), subsistence fees ($8,000 CDN), production costs ($8,000 CDN).
  • Paid by artist: Accommodation, board, food, studio (The studio residences are rented for 1000$ per month. An additional fee of 250$ is added for unlimited access to the technical workshops. A daily access fee to the workshops will be available but has yet to be decided.)

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