The Edmonton Arts Council Public Art Program, on behalf of the City of Edmonton, is seeking an artist or artist team to integrate site-specific public art at the Coronation Recreation Centre.

Coronation Recreation Centre will be a community and social hub for central-north Edmonton that meets the leisure, health and wellness needs of families, youth, adults, and seniors.

Exterior Entry Plaza Location (Small scale freestanding sculptures)
Freestanding sculptures will be placed throughout the large exterior entrance plaza. Mediums might include but are not limited to bronzes, kinetic sculpture, and multiples. Large scale artworks are not approriate for the exterior plaza due to the existing architecture in the adjacent area. Artworks must be sensitive of the overall architectural skyline already present in Coronation Park.

Artist Budget: $420,000 CAD (maximum, all inclusive)
Deadline for Submissions: Monday, November 21, 2022 at 11:59pm MST
Interviews: Late November 2022
Installation: Summer/Fall 2024

NEW Application Process 

Submit your application through the Edmonton Arts Council’s online portal SmartSimple:

  • Complete (or update) an Individual profile in the online portal This is required by whomever is submitting the application (the primary applicant).
  • Once a profile has been made, the Coronation Recreation Centre Public Art Project application form will be available in SmartSimple under the “Open Opportunities” icon. If the applicant already has a profile, the Coronation Recreation Centre Public Art Project application will be visible.
  • If the application is for a team or collective, all named members of the team will need Individual profiles in SmartSimple by the application deadline.

For more information, contact the Edmonton Arts Council: phone (780) 424-ARTS (2787) or email:

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