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Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove (AAC) in conjunction with the City of Spruce Grove is looking for an artist or group of artists to execute a mural to add public art to the City. This call is open to any Canadian Artist(s) ages 18 and older.

 Applications open: June 7, 2021 Applications close: June 30, 2021 at 5pm MST

Successful Artist(s) notified on or about July 14th

Work to be completed September 15th

 Project Description

We are looking for an artist(s) to create a mural on the west wall at the Cumbria Centre: 93 McLeod Avenue in central Spruce Grove.

 The purpose of this call is to help beautify our community. The mural can be a maximum size of 30 feet wide by 20 feet tall, and must be 400sq feet at a minimum. (400-600sq feet). The section to be painted will be confirmed with the selected artist before mural production starts. The wall does have two vents which will likely need to be incorporated into your design. Please see site photos for reference.

 Our inspiration for the wall is “BRIGHT, COLOURFUL and MODERN NATURE”

It must:

  • Be neutral in content.

  • Provide subject matter that is relatable to the general public.

  •   Avoid historic references.