Empathy Week 2021

Empathy Week 2021 will take place June 1-7 in the City of Calgary and online. Request for Proposals (RFP) submissions are due 4PM MST on February 28, 2021.

Empathy Week 2021 Request for Proposals (RFP)

In their own words:
“What is Empathy Week? Empathy Week is a seven-day festival of events which promote empathy, human connection, and the recognition of our shared humanity. Empathy Week is curated by Humainologie and is a community initiative with numerous Calgary partner organizations and individuals coming together to host a variety of events.”

“Humainologie uses art, including film, to spread empathy, increase inclusion, and reduce discrimination. We focus on promoting empathy to create more inclusive people and communities; creating self-awareness to address barriers to human connection; and sharing the stories and experiences of marginalized or misrepresented people in order to build understanding and reduce discrimination.”

Learn more about Humainologie and Empathy Week 2021 on the Humainologie website.