Ottawa, June 1, 2018
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On May 28th, visual artists from across Canada have once again voted to approve a new scale agreement with the National Gallery of Canada.  In January and March of 2018, negotiation teams from CARFAC, RAAV, and the National Gallery of Canada met about the terms of our scale agreement, first signed in 2015. The negotiations were successful, and our members have ratified a new four-year agreement that includes fee increases for many categories offered to living Canadian artists who are engaged by the gallery.
The agreement covers terms and conditions for the exhibition and reproduction of works of art, as well as the provision of professional services by living Canadian artists. It includes mandatory minimum fees and working conditions offered to artists by the gallery. Artists remain free to negotiate above these minimums, but they can never be offered less.

The agreement includes significant increases in fees paid for temporary exhibitions (for example, $9,500 for a solo exhibition, and $17,500 to represent Canada in a solo show at the Venice Biennale), and reproduction fee categories have been streamlined. All professional services fees have increased, and artists will be compensated for their work in preparing and installing an exhibition, providing lectures and participating in other speaking engagements, attendance at media events and exhibition openings, and offering skills workshops.

“It’s great news for all artists everywhere in Canada. This historic scale agreement between CARFAC/RAAV and the National Gallery of Canada, significantly improves conditions for artists working with the NGC but also sets a standard for galleries across the country. Big thanks to our membership for taking the time to vote and making this happen!” said CARFAC National president, Ingrid Mary Percy.

“We are very pleased to acknowledge that the scale agreement with the NGC was renewed, this time for a longer period, and with significant increases in fees paid to artists. We also note the improvements regarding the management of the scale agreement, which will ensure stability for many years,” said RAAV president, Moridja Kitenge Banza.

The agreement will be in place from June 1, 2018 for a period of four years, and it is available online on the websites of CARFAC and RAAV.

Voting for this agreement closed on May 28th. Most members of CARFAC and RAAV voted online, and results were collected and reported externally by Sémato-Sondage polling services on May 29th. Members who voted by paper ballot returned their ballots by May 28th and ballots were delivered to external vote scrutinizers at ACTRA and Illustration Québec, who reported back to us on May 29th. All scrutinizers involved reported that CARFAC and RAAV members were overwhelmingly in favour of ratifying the terms of the agreement between CARFAC/RAAV and the National Gallery of Canada. Over 30% of CARFAC and RAAV members voted, with all but two members voting to approve the agreement.

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Renuka Bauri, Dir. Communications & Advocacy
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