The Eldon & Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize:  2012 Short List

The Eldon & Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize was established with the generous support of the Eldon & Anne Foote Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation and in partnership with the Edmonton Arts Council and Visual Arts Alberta Association. This Visual Arts Prize is a new award that celebrates the brilliance of Visual Artists in Edmonton.

In the award’s second year, an independent jury composed of three art professionals from outside the Edmonton area (Wayne Baerwaldt — Curator, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, ACAD, Calgary; Tanya Harnett — artist & Assistant Professor, Department of Native American Studies + Department of Art, University of Lethbridge; and David LaRiviere — artist & Artistic Director, Paved Arts, Saskatoon) evaluated submissions and a short list of three Edmonton Visual Artists emerged.

The short listed artists for the second Eldon & Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize in alphabetical order with the nominating gallery in brackets are : Allen Ball (Strathcona County Art Gallery @501), Isla Burns (Peter Robertson Gallery) and Paul Freeman (Art Gallery of Alberta). Link to full article