The Visual Arts Alberta AGM was held in Calgary this past weekend. Two Alberta politicians (the Honourable Teresa Woo-Paw and Dr. David Swann)  joined us for an Open Discussion on the partnership between Visual Arts Alberta and  Alberta College of Art & Design Student Association (ACADSA).

At this year’s AGM, Margaret Witschl (CARFAC National Representative from Alberta) made a motion that was firmly endorced by all present for Visual Arts Alberta to become the Provincial Affiliate for CARFAC in Alberta.

MOTION: Visual Arts Alberta has operated as provincial affiliate host for the national arts organization Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) in the province of Alberta for the past four years. I move that Visual Arts Alberta formalize it’s tie with the national arts organization Canadian Artists’ Representation/ Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) to become the provincial affiliate in Alberta. Visual Arts Alberta will continue to operate as a Provincial Arts Service Organization in Alberta and be known by the legal name Visual Arts Alberta Association and by the common name Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC.

This motion was seconded by Paddy Lamb. All in favour.

At this AGM, four motions were passed making some minor changes in the bylaws of Visual Arts Alberta Association. Nine Board members were elected or reelected to the Board. They are:

Teresa Tam (Individual) for 1 year;
Paul Freeman*
(Individual) for 2 years; 
Catherine Ross
Phil Switzer (APA);
Paddy Lamb* (CARFAC Rep) for 2 years;
Sherri Chaba* (Secretary) for 2 years;
Glenda Dennis* (Treasurer) for 2 years;
Val Smyth* (Vice President) for 2 years;
John Maywood* (President) for 2 years.

These nine Board members will be joining Joe Clare (Individual), Brenda Kim Christiansen (Individual)and Grace Prospero (ACACA) — Board members that have one year remaining to serve. (* — the final make up of the Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC Executive and the positions held on the Board will be finalized before the end of October, 2012).