Fine Arts Programs at risk of closure across Canada- sign the NS needs NSCAD petition
As many of you may have heard, Queens University in Kingston has suspended enrollment in its Bachelor of Fine Arts program for the 2012-2013 year. It has also stopped transfer into the program at higher years. A review of the program is to be conducted with the possibility of eliminating it due to budgetary restraints. This problem is no longer isolated.

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) is currently under review as well, with the Minister of Advanced Education appointing Howard Windsor with an open mandate including the possibility of merger, extreme fee increases or complete closure.


NSCAD is Canada’s oldest Fine Arts degree granting institution and one of the most reputable Fine Arts institutions in Canada. The fate of NSCAD and Queens will set an important precedent for future reviews in other institutions.


Please take a moment to sign the NS needs NSCAD petition online and learn more at:

Recognizing that our own Fine Arts department is an integral part of the success of this university and community, we should fight alongside others against the devaluation and commodification of the arts. For more information or ideas on how you can help please contact me.
Thank you,   Glen Keeling  Councillor-at-Large, Fine Arts Representative  Grenfell Campus Student Union