The new EAC MicroGrant… because sometimes timing is everything.
We know that Edmonton’s artists find and make opportunities to engage in valuable projects all the time. We also know inspiration has an energy of its own, and doesn’t always wait around for the next grant deadline. And sometimes, that spark may be only one small investment away from reality.
The MicroGrant gives the EAC a new way to invest in the success of Edmonton arts and artists. With no set deadlines for applications and amounts up to $1,000 available, the MicroGrant enables you to respond to opportunities quickly, and to give life to projects that are just a boost away from take-off.

We are now accepting applications to the MicroGrant program. Visit our website at www.edmontonarts.ca for more information and a MicroGrant application form.
The MicroGrant program through the Edmonton Arts Council invests in the success of Edmonton’s professional artists by providing financial support for an existing, short-term project. The intent is to provide momentum to projects that might otherwise falter for want of a small investment.

Funds can be invested in:
• an individual artist or an artist collective
• a project that has commitments and plans that are well underway
• a short-term project, or a phase of a longer-term project
• specific hard costs to improve the viability or quality of the project.

Funds will not be invested in:
• a project currently supported by another EAC grant
• tuition, lessons, subsistence or travel
• equipment purchases or other capital costs
• a project associated with an organization, presenter or festival.
Support from this program still leaves it open for you to make a profit from your project if you can.

Applicants (and members of a collective) must:
1. be an adult who has been a resident of the City of Edmonton for at least one year
2. not be in arrears with the City of Edmonton at the time of application
3. have no overdue Edmonton Arts Council final reports.