While artists have historically played in important role throughout the National Park System, the link between art and the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park is unique, as the park’s holdings include nearly 400 paintings and prints that highlight America’s evolving landscape-among them works by Thomas Cole, David, Johnson, and Albert Bierstadt. Such works have helped to encourage the impulse toward conservation stewardship throughout the nation, and the park strives to highlight stewardship through diverse programs. Like these forebears, many contemporary artists are working in ways celebrate the natural world and that inspire their audiences to broaden and deepen their appreciation of, and commitment to, environmental stewardship and the conservation of public land. As part of its mission, the K2 Family Foundation seeks to foster sustainability initiatives and to create opportunities for artists whose work incorporates scientific awareness and concerns. Recognizing the way their missions dovetail, and hoping to foster greater connections between artists, audience, and the national park system itself, the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and the K2 Family Foundation are pleased to announce their joint commitment to an Artist-in-Residence Program that will allow one artist per year to work for an extended period at the park.

Open to established artists with a demonstrated interest in environmental issues. A stipend of $15,000 is offered to the artist, and some mony is available to defray expenses incurred in the residency project.  Artists are responsible for room, board and travel to Vermont. For more details and a complete application packet, please visit:

Application address

c/o The K2 Family Foundation, 20 Flagg Street
Cambridge USA
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