Chris CarsonWith undergraduate studies completed at the University of Alberta and a M.F.A. in painting from the University of British Columbia, Chris Carson is both an arts administrator and a visual artist. He has gained professional experience by working for a commercial art gallery (Douglas Udell Gallery), a public art gallery (Prairie Art Gallery), a public arts service organization (Alberta Craft Council) and most recently a professional arts organization (Alberta Society of Artists). In addition to these structured jobs, Carson has taught art to students ranging from kindergarten to senior citizens and worked as a craftsperson, a designer and a writer.

As a professional artist, Carson is a multimedia practitioner (working in photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and installation). Carson has exhibited widely in Alberta, taking part in shows at the Art Gallery of Alberta, Latitude 53, Snap Gallery, Harcourt House Gallery, Prairie Art Gallery, Douglas Udell Gallery and Glenbow Museum. Most recently his artwork was featured at Latitude 53 in a solo exhibition “Stories from the Inner City” in 2008. Carson’s art deals with visual ‘over indulgence.’ Inspired by popular culture mixed with a dose of high art, he tends to work on a small scale complicating rooms. Carson uses, reuses and abuses content, material and media in the art making process. His art reflects his multifaceted life as a twenty first century white urban gay Canadian. Chris Carson lives with his partner of over ten years Shane Golby and cat Cheetah in their inner city home in Norwood.

As the new Executive Director of the VAAA, Chris Carson is proud to continue the work of the VAAA and is honoured to be chosen to follow in the footsteps of the last VAAA Executive Director AllIson Argy-Burgess. Carson looks forward to meeting the members of the VAAA. Member’s ideas for the future and concerns about the present will always be of prime importance.