Are you a HWSDA member in good standing (for 2 consecutive years) wanting to further your knowledge of the fibre arts? You may be eligible to apply for a HWSDA Scholarship! The following guidelines may help you decide if you would qualify for the funding. Applications are to be submitted to the vice president (scholarship committee chair) by the Spring of each year.

1. The money for the scholarships comes from a fund that generates the yearly amount used for awards. This fund is called the Memorial Scholarship fund.

2. $600.00 in total is awarded each year, but not necessarily in equal amounts to applicants. For example if only 1 applicant, the total $600.00 might not be awarded to one applicant. Applicants must tell about their experience, what course will be taken, the reason for taking the course and the costs involved.

3. The Vice President chairs the scholarship committee and talks to the other executive members about who receives the scholarships.

4. The applicant must meet One of the following criteria to be eligible for a scholarship:

  • Applicant is a person who is very involved in the art of weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting, basketry, etc….
  • Applicant can be at any level of expertise in their field of interest.
  • Applicant is a person who will be sharing the new knowledge by teaching.
  • Applicant who can not afford to attend the workshop without a scholarship.

This is all a matter of good judgement and confidentiality.

5. Applicants must have been a member of HWSDA for 2 consecutive years and Not received a scholarship within the last 5 years. The successful applicant will be expected to write a report for the newsletter with samples supplied if possible. The scholarship must be used to gain more knowledge in the field of weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting, basketry, etc. by taking the workshop or seminar.

6. To apply write a letter explaining the workshop or seminar you want to attend and why you want to take it. List the expenses involved and a short note about your experience. Applicant should include any other pertinent details. Fairness and no bias will prevail.

Please send your application to Linda Wilson. For more details, please consult the HWSDA website.