The Merchant of Venice and the Character of Cabala.
Opening Reception October 15, 7 to 9:30pm

Wade Stout, Merchant of Venice, VAAA GalleryArt is an act of interpretation. To interpret Shakespeare, it’s best to start by understanding the structure of his plays–the framework he uses for each piece. What Wade is attempting to show with this group of paintings is Shakespeare’s use of the Jewish philosophical practice of Cabala as his framing structure for The Merchant of Venice.

The Merchant of Venice has often been misperceived as an anti-Semitic play, but as these paintings suggest, all his characters as well as the play’s structure come from Cabala and more specifically are manifestations of the forces that make up the “Tree of Life”. By appreciating this underlying philosophical structure, it is possible to understand Shakespeare’s intent and interpret the play in a new light. Harmony, integration and balance are the key features of both Cabala and the play.

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