January 8 to February 14, 2009

VISUAL ARTS ALBERTA presents MEMEMTO, images from photographers Candace Makowichuk and Felix Plawski.

Two photographers, two approaches to remembering and recording the lives that have come before ours. Candace Makowichuk examines multi-identity issues within the context of women in current society as well as in relation to family, specifically the similarities over three generations of raising children, through the use of photos and negatives of her parents, herself, siblings and her children, all translated to paper or sewn fabric. Felix Plawski touches on the philosophical aspects of death. He is well aware the symbols and images of death are overused by the media which consequently numbs our senses. The underlying metaphor for this series of photographs is addressed to the people who feel they are immortal and see the endless healthy and rich life as their right.

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