YOUR BRAIN ON ART – Call for Submissions or New Work

The Branch Out Neurological Foundation is currently doing a call out to Artists who would be paired with Neuroscience Projects to create a new work inspired by brain research or donate and existing piece that is a great match. The piece would have National exposure on an on-line bidding site, would be in a week long gallery showing at cSPACE and then be auctioned off as a part of two evening fundraising event.

Please see if the call out is for you

Here’s a little bit about Branch Out and the fundraiser.

1 in 3 …is the number of Canadians is directly impacted by a neurological disorder. This means that you probably work with or know someone in your family who is impacted. With over 600 different types of brain abnormalities, including MS, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Concussion, etc. there is both a desire and need for alternative and non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Your Brain on Art Fundraiser

We fund research to find innovative and alternative solutions to keep brains at their best. Brain research gets a little“science-y”. We decided to flip it on its head and turn to art to help explain it. The “Your Brain on Art” Fundraiser explores the connections between art, technology, and neuroscience. Hosted in the character-filled cSPACE, this fundraiser brings together creative minds for an evening of cocktails, delicious food, theatre, art show, and auction. The evening is capped off by renowned and local playwright, Eugene Stickland, who has created a play inspired by our research. With two evening performances, attendees have the opportunity to enjoy art, see the research in action and meet some of Branch Out’s neuroscientists.