Art from the Heart logoAs you know, the residents of Fort McMurray are in the process of rebuilding not only homes but also their lives in general.

The earlier response to a previous letter was lovely as many of you want to donate a piece of original art work to the families of Ft. Mac. We know the value of original art exceeds the price. The true value is the energy it brings to home and we know this will aid in their rebuilding and healing.

Fort MacMurry’s Health Care Centres are reporting that most of the residents are dealing with some level of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from deep depression to headachesand anxiety. This is true for the children as well as the adults. We have seen the benefits of the Arts involvement in rebuilding communities and as visual artist we would like to do our part. Our goal is to provide a piece of original art for the residents who wish to partake in this.

This is the basis for how it will work:

  1. All forms of visual art are acceptable – paintings, photography, sculpture, wall hangings, pottery, woodwork, stone carving – as long as it is original.
  2. The artist is asked to photograph their display ready artwork and send this to us as a jpg along with your name, address and value. We will have a form created on our website for you to use.
  3. Due to the enormity of this project, it is not possible for us to pick up the works and deliver them. Therefore, we will contact you with family’s name and address and ask you to ship the work to them. Working with other artists as a group may help to ease some individual hurdles in this process. You will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity. Please view our website for information on packaging, photographing and shipping your artwork. There will also be a definition of “Display Ready Art Work” on our website.


Penny Lamnek: Artist, Project Manager
Anne McCartney: Artist, Communication Director
Ashlin McCartney: Writer, Website Designer and Social Media Director

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