Curatorial expressions of interest

As a new initiative, Latitude 53 is interested in exploring how artists can benefit from having their work shown and contextualized with other artists in a small group setting. Latitude 53 looks to match artists who are exploring similar themes or working within similar practices of creation. Latitude 53 looks to present exciting opportunities for artists to form new insights about their work by organizing small group exhibitions of 2–5 artists.

To this end, Latitude 53 is seeking a curator, writer, or other facilitator to work on a peer-to-peer basis in the realization of each group project for an extended period, in an artist-centred context. Latitude 53 hopes to enhance each artist’s individual work through curation and writing while maintaining an equitable relationship between all contributors.

Submission Deadline: 31 March 2018 at 11:59 p.m. MST

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Call for Submissions :: Visualeyez

2018 Festival

The 19th annual Visualeyez festival of performance art happens from 24 – 30 September 2018 in the downtown core of Edmonton, Alberta. They invite artists to explore issues around the curatorial theme of forgiveness.

We are seeking works that explore the fragility of the human ego and expand upon the positive nature of gestures of moving beyond and living, reconciliation, and a healing. The submissions should connect with Edmonton and Alberta residents and have resonance within an international dialogue. The festival pays a CARFAC artist fee, two-way travel and accommodations for all artists.

Submission Deadline: Friday, 18 May 2018, 2300h MST

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